What Is Hummus Made Of?

By | May 26, 2017

It is a delicious experience to try out a new dish or recipe in your homemade lunch, especially when it comes from a far and foreign culture. It feels so amazing as though you went to that region yourself. But, as a famous food that Americans adopted recently, Hummus is a unique spread dip and healthy addition to your table which you definitely need to taste. It was not present in the usual western dinner table in the past, but it has gained widespread use in Europe and the U.S only in the last few decades. Rather, it is identified as a middle eastern food whose traditions can be traced back to the old times. It is said it originated first in Egypt, and continued to be adopted by many Arab and middle eastern countries.

As for now, Hummus is an established traditional food in Syria and Turkey where it is always included in their breakfast dip. It was also spread further into the neighbouring regions in North Africa, and it became a famous healthy food out there as well. But, Israel is known to use it more than any other culture in the world. In fact, Hummus is found all over Israeli restaurants which fight among themselves to deliver the best quality of its recipe. So, what is Hummus like? And more importantly, what is it made of? 


Hummus has a beige, creamy, and soft look that shall make your tongue water. It is a smooth dip that many people have alternated with mayonnaise, as it can be eaten with bread or sandwich as well. But, Hummus comes in a variety of flavours and homemade recipes that will transform your usual meals into a new experience. This tasty food is a magical combination of chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and tahini. Canned chickpeas can be useful as well, for this beige nutty legume is full of protein and tasty enough to sweeten any recipes.

What Is Hummus Made Of

Although Sesame Tahini may not be an easily found ingredient in order to make Hummus, it can be found in stores to use it in many recipes. Having the look of peanut butter, it is potential a powerful ingredient to add to Hummus, especially because it is not sweet, but can effectively make the overall Hummus in the dipping consistency to us with veggies and carrots. Olive oil and lemon juice are the other best ingredients that will give the Hummus bowl of dip a powerful dose of health and unique flavour.

A very simple recipe may specifically include 2 cans of chickpeas, then add 2 crushed garlic cloves, a tablespoon of lemon juice, 4 tablespoons of tahini, 1 teaspoon of salt, and finally 6 tablespoons of olive oil, which can also be used for drizzling. This is a very basic recipe to start from, making up the fundamental ingredients of Middle East charm, so to give it a bit of modernity taste, you may want to check other recipe where Hummus is used creatively to give food a more elaborate flavor and delicious complexity.

Recipes : 

As a food practiced daily in the Middle East and Mediterranean region, Hummus is not limited to one recipe, but it went further to different versions, especially how each culture prefers to think of it. Interestingly, if you go westwards, the last few years changed the concept of the simple Hummus, and now it is being fused and eaten with some different ingredients. Even the degree of the principle ingredients can give a different consistency and taste to the Hummus. So, it depends on you and your preferences to make the Hummus you want, and by varying the degrees of the ingredients, you can cast your own special effect in its make up, so you can play with the ingredients to fashion your favorite and special homemade Hummus. 

When you get your hand used to Hummus, you will soon discover the other utilities of Hummus as a new recipe to your daily meals. With only the fundamental ingredients we mentioned previously, you can add a few bit more ingredients to come with other fantastic recipes for Hummus, especially what the west came up with. For example, the Peanut Butter Hummus recipe is a superb mixture of food to amaze your family. Creamy Greek Yoghurt Hummus is another Turkish version of Hummus.

What Is Hummus Made Of and is it good for you.

It has less fat compared with others, and can be such a delicious bowl to beautify your dinner table. Moreover, you can be perfectly used as snacks if you try out Pin Wheel Veggie Wraps. These small wraps that seem similar to Sushi Wraps contain cucumber, avocado, red pepper and Hummus. You will barely let them wait until you have devoured them all in a few of mouthfuls. Finally, you must try  Creamy Cheese and Chive Dip recipe, which has the Extra ingredient Chives that top the cream so beautifully and can be served with chopped veggies. 

There are always more to Hummus, for the beauty of its ingredients can be made in so many different ways. It’s up to you about which recipe that should leave a middle eastern aroma in your place. 

Homemade Hummus: 

The best part of Hummus dip is the ingredient of chickpeas that can be mashed, blended quickly, and made into a beautiful and irresistible cream. Then, you perfect the charm of the cream when you keep adding drops of glittering olive oil and mixing them all with the clever addition of some Sesame Tahini spoons in the blend to add a strong and bitter-like taste. This has its own charm, and you would want to try that. Next, the Hummus mix becomes balanced and gains a tart-like vibe when you drip into it some lemon juice to refine the taste. Finally, complete the tasty dip with a pungent small finish of garlic and maybe other spices if you wish. 

Hummus can be eaten with many other foods such as Pita. Many people retell their unique experience of tasting mouthfuls of Pita with it, while others, such as many middle eastern restaurants in the U.S, usually offer Hummus falafel or Baba Ghanoush with Hummus, so much that they have become an inseparable kind of middle eastern food. But soon enough, when you begin to dig more about the mystery of Hummus, you will place the Hummus on your table for the purposes of a tasteful new food you have introduced to your daily diet, but also an extremely healthy and energy-dosed food that you will benefit from in terms of your physical well-being. 

Nutrition Details  

Unlike any other food, Hummus is one of those dips that works as a power food, for the general nurturing it provides for your body is immense. Since it may be the case that you will adopt it in your daily meals, the same way did the famous actress Melanie Portman, you will be interested in knowing to what degree is Hummus better in terms of nutrition. So, imagine eating one cup of Hummus a day, and on that basis, you will then have furnished your body with as much as 409 calories.

You can imagine what a great energy you can have through this amount, and this is why it is recommended to be eaten in between meals too so that you may relinquish processed food and the like. It has a 0 level of cholesterol, and also 19g of proteins that will help your body become stronger and healthier if Hummus is taken on a daily basis. Furthermore, there is a sufficient amount of sodium (39%) and carbohydrates (12%) that will help you build your body as well. The total nutritional value of fat for Hummus is also interesting to note because it has mostly polyunsaturated and monounsaturated kinds of fat, neither of which increases unhealthy weight gain. 

Health Benefits:

One intriguing benefit is the Hummus’ extra energy to strengthen your sexual capacity. Think about it, it contains some of the most protein-dosed ingredients such as chickpeas and Tahini, so your inclinations after a special date adorned with Hummus will not just turn our special, but also wild during that night. 

For those who wish to follow a diet, it is extremely helpful to have a food that is rich with fibre, as it prompts your digestive tract to be regular and strong, allowing you to avert possible heart diseases as well. Hummus is also a smart and vegetarian substitute for your diet because it contains high amounts of proteins. There will be no need to eat meat to preserve a sufficient amount of proteins, but Hummus will replace that and further help strengthen your bones, skin, and muscles. In that sense, you will be ridden off high cholesterol volumes from other foods, because Hummus is essentially made of garbanzo beans which decrease levels of cholesterol in your body. Even better, the high degree of proteins balance your blood sugar levels. The more you eat it, the better you will be in your overall firmness of body. 

Americans, especially individuals seeking food that is conducive to weight loss, will be extremely thrilled to adopt Hummus in their diet. It contains the ingredient of Tahini whose fat nutrients do not increase weight gain, but rather perform the contrary and aid you to stay fit, energetic, and in shape. This in turn involves also individuals who are suffering from anemia, for Hummus has a large amount of chickpeas and tahini that are full of iron and other strength nutrients to fill the deficiency of iron.

Either way, a problem of weight gain or too much loss, you are to return to a perfectly healthy physique if you allow some space for the tasty Hummus in your daily food intake. Over time, the habit of eating Hummus will leave no room for unhealthy food. It can substitute a lot of it, too, because there is a myriad of recipes and ways to eat it differently, which will then develop for you the habit to select only healthy food. 

In Sum: 

Whether you seek taste or a new food from  Mediterranean origins that will flavour your table with an earthly sweet smell, you are surely looking for Hummus. Apart from the beautiful creamy appearance, you will tasted what Egypt and Israelis consider to be their cherished powerhouse. They have assured that its ingredients are of magnificent benefits to the body, and importantly, a reservoir of energy from the chickpeas and tahini, completing the perfect taste with the health symbol of olive oil and sweetness juice of lemon. You would love to have it as salad dressings, embellishing all kinds of salads with legumes and vegetables on top of its creamy dipping.

As far as chips are concerned, you will taste a heavenly lunch by dipping chips in it as you have your meal. But that’s not only, the proteins of Hummus will multiple with chicken nuggets. Simply slice your nuggets and dip them in Hummus. Savour it at ease and relish on the taste that can’t be compete with by Mayonnaise. This isn’t all, having Hummus is an amazing substitution for many food meal that you don’t want to bother eating if you are going on a long trip. Some amounts of Hummus to have as snacks or with sandwiches will satisfy your hunger for longer periods of time.

In fact, it can never be changed, but it will occupy a precious place in your daily meals, and the more you will indulge yourself in the flavour of Hummus, you will taste the beauty of cultures, the strength of body you never had before, and a health that should keep you juvenile for as long as you have Hummus in your table.

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