What is Pork Belly?

Very few cuts of meat carry with them the excitement and reverence that a slab of pork belly does. Basically, pork belly is the bottom section of a pig—not in the unappetizing view you may imagine as you picture a pig’s stomach—but the flavorful combination of flesh and meat that runs along the underside of… Read More »

What Is Hummus Made Of?

It is a delicious experience to try out a new dish or recipe in your homemade lunch, especially when it comes from a far and foreign culture. It feels so amazing as though you went to that region yourself. But, as a famous food that Americans adopted recently, Hummus is a unique spread dip and… Read More »

Is Quinoa a Carb or a Protein?

One of the things most of us remember from our childhood is coming face to face with the dietary pyramid. For those of you who don’t remember, it was basically a pyramid specifying what food we needed and in what amount to keep ourselves healthy. The base being the widest contained proteins i.e something we… Read More »

Is Egg Dairy Or Not?

You are at the grocery store and you look over at your list, the only things left on your list before you go home are; yogurt, some cheese slices, a carton of milk and a dozen eggs. Boy! That sure saved you a lot of time! Because that means you only have one more aisle… Read More »

How Much Protein in Avocado?

It is likely that the nutritional content of avocados has been a subject of conversations in your life before. Across the globe people just can’t seem to stop arguing about whether or not avocados are healthy, unhealthy, or somewhere right in the middle. Well, how much protein does an avocado have? First, it is important… Read More »

How Much Protein in One Egg?

Eggs are recognized and revered as a staple of breakfasts mainly due to the fact that they contain so many key nutrients. In addition to Vitamin A, Vitamin B (B2, B5, B6, B12), Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K, eggs are also made up of healthy amounts of Folate, Phosphorus, Selenium, Zinc, and even… Read More »

Is Pasta Vegan? The Truth!

When you decide to go vegan, you decide to make a major life change. This isn’t something that you can start today and end tomorrow. When you go vegan, you have to outweigh the pros from the cons and be a hundred percent sure that this is the life you’d rather live. With that being… Read More »