How to Quickly Thaw Chicken!

By | January 2, 2018

Well, who doesn’t love chicken? Being a rich source of white meat, chicken is also a finger-licking meal. What’s great about chicken is that it can go easily with any meal. Due to this reasons we usually stock this great delicacy in our fridge. However, thawing your meat so that you can have an easy time cooking your chicken.

In this article, you will learn different methods to thaw chicken easily thus an enjoyable time cooking.

How to Quickly Thaw Chicken with Running Water

This being the most efficient and cheapest way in the market. First;

  • Make sure your chicken is in a leak-proof packaging or a plastic bag.
  • Place your chicken under running water and keep turning your chicken to ensure all sides are fully thawed. Do not use warm or hot water as it inhibits multiplication of bacteria that may be in the chicken’s outer layer.
  • Also, you can immerse your chicken in a dish containing cold water and keep replacing it after 30 minutes. This is better than running water as it uses a lot much less water thus you get to keep the water bill low.

This method is quite slow as to thaw a pound of water you will take up to thirty minutes. Once your chicken has been fully thawed, cook it immediately to avoid any bacteria. Chicken defrosted in this way cannot be returned to the freezer unless it is cooked.

How to Quickly Thaw Chicken

Thawing Chicken in a Fridge

Do you want to know how to quickly thaw chicken? If yes then this method takes a lot of time but it’s still the easiest in the market. This method is great even when dealing with a huge amount of chicken as a fridge can accommodate many pounds of chicken. Since it takes quite a long time, you have to prepare your chicken in advance for the time you want to cook it. To do this;

  • Keep chicken in its original wrapper to ensure it does not leak thus pouring juices on other foods.
  • Put your meat in the fridge and tune it to a temperature of 40 Fahrenheit.
  • If you intend to thaw a complete chicken, it will take you between four and six hours. For chopped up parts of chicken, on the other hand, it will take around twenty-four hours.

One advantage of thawing food in the refrigerator is that you can freeze it again if you wish. Also, you can keep meat thawed in the refrigerator for up to two days before cooking.

Thawing Chicken in a Microwave

If you have a microwave seating in your house and you assume its purpose is to warm food. Well, here is even a better way to put your microwave to use. With frosted chicken in a microwave, you can get a frost-free chicken within a short time frame. To do this;

  • First, consult your user’s manual to be sure how long it should take to defrost a pound of meat.
  • Weigh your meat thus you will be able to approximate the time you need to defrost your chicken.
  • Remove the meat from its wrapping and empty it into a microwave-safe dish.
  • Place your meat in the microwave and leave it for the specified minutes.

With this method, you should ensure that you cook your chicken as soon as it defrosts. This denies bacteria the chance to manifest itself in the chicken thus safe chicken. If you do not consider using any of the above methods, you can easily cook your frosted chicken. This will take a much longer time but still provide the same result of a finger-licking taste.

Adding some vinegar to your meat is also a major plus as it ensures no bacteria grows on your meat. Also, vinegar is a great meat tenderizer thus you get to get tenderized meat free of frost. Also, it is advisable not to handle meat defrosted with a microwave for long. This is because it is at optimum temperature to inhibit the growth of bacteria like e-Coli. To avoid this, cook your meat as soon as you remove it from the fridge.

Things to avoid while thawing your chicken

Avoid leaving your chicken on the countertop. This is because you will expose it to room temperature which not only favors the growth of bacteria but also inhibits its growth. Also, ensure you keep your chunks of meat thin thus it doesn’t stay for long periods in the fridge. Avoid defrosting chicken which is not sealed properly as it might lead to plenty avoidable problems.

First, a package that is not sealed properly will allow bacteria into your meat thus you don’t get to enjoy your meat as much. Also, this might lead to spillage of water on other foods or even in the microwave thus exposing you to harm.

It is also advisable to ensure your chickens all have the same size. This will ensure that smaller chunks of meat do not cook as you wait for bigger chunks to defrost. If you are using your microwave to defrost, avoid placing your chunks close to each other. This ensures that your chicken defrosts with lesser time. Also, rearrange your chunks as a microwave does not evenly defrost food. This will ensure that your chicken is equally defrosted thus an easier time cooking.

While using a microwave avoid tuning it to a high temperature thus you avoid cooking the outer layer of your chicken. You can also put your chicken in a package which is loosely wrapped thus giving it more pressure hence it defrosts faster. Avoid thawing your food outdoors as it may expose you to several health hazards including food poisoning.

Avoid thawing stuffed chicken as it might cause unwanted bacteria to attach itself to your precious meat.

Benefits of Thawing Chicken

Well, as much as you can cook your chicken without thawing, you should consider thawing it anyway. Why one would ask. This is because thawed meat has plenty of benefits compared to meat that has not been thawed. Among this benefits are;

  1. Thawing your chicken ensures that even large chunks of ice are kept out of your meat. This ensures that your chicken has a desirable texture and also ensures your chicken has a great taste. In some cases, commercially frozen chicken is injected with saline solutions thus thawing it ensures loses some. This will ensure your food is not in a high salt concentration that may lead to a poor chicken taste.
  2. Thawing your chicken ensures you cook your chicken for a shorter duration of time thus saving you time. This is because you don’t have to worry about the frost on your chicken thus it tastes great.
  3. Also, thawing chicken makes it easier to cut into small pieces thus you can easily slice up your chicken to desired sizes. With frosted meat, on the other hand, cutting meat into required sized can prove to be quite a hard task.

While at it ensure you safely defrost your chicken to avoid food poisoning and bacterial infections.

Factors to consider while choosing method to thaw your chicken

With several methods of thawing your chicken, you are free to choose one that suits you best. However, you have to put the following factors into consideration before thawing your chicken.

  1. Size of meat chunks- As you read earlier, size of meat chunks determines how well your chicken is thawed. Having big meat chunks may lead to thawing your meat poorly thus traces if frost. Combined sizes, on the other hand, may lead to the cooking of smaller chunks which is not good.

To avoid either of this situations ensure all chunks have a good size thus you get fully thawed meat.

  1. Urgency- You don’t want to cook today’s food tomorrow, do you? of course not. Preparing your meal in advance goes a long way in ensuring to cook your food in perfect time. Knowing the durations that your meat will take to completely thaw will sure be a plus for you. This will ensure you start preparing your meat early thus you get to provide meat for the needed occasion.

Also, you don’t want to prepare your meat before you are ready to cook it as it may get contaminated. To avoid this, ensure your meat is ready just when you need to cook it.

  1. Amount of chicken you need to thaw- If you need to thaw a small chunk of meat using the refrigerator is sure a waste of money. On the other hand, thawing a whole chicken in a bowl of water may take up to decades to fully thaw your chicken. To avoid finding yourself in either situation, ensure you use the right method to thaw your chicken.

For large amounts of meat, using the microwave or fridge will ensure you get fully thawed meat easily. For small amounts of meat, however, dipping it in water will ensure you get fully thawed meat without using a lot of energy.

  1. State of your chicken- as you read earlier, it is not advisable to thaw a stuffed chicken. This is because it might end up releasing bacteria that might be quite harmful to your body. While determining the method to thaw your chicken, put into consideration the sizes of the chunks. This will ensure that you thaw meat without ending up cooking it.

Also, put into consideration the salinity of the meat as you want to rid your meat of excess salt as you defrost it. Adding vinegar will ensure that your meat is bacterial free and also ensure your meat is soft.

How to Thaw Chicken

Nutritional benefits of chicken

Having known how to safely thaw your chicken it would be a major plus to learn the benefits of chicken to your body. Being the most affordable source of white meat, chicken has its advantages to your body. Among this advantages are;

  • Chicken meat is packed with loads of protein and cholesterol which is used for bodybuilding. Also, chicken contains selenium which contains antioxidants that play a major role in boosting the immunity of your body.
  • Zinc and iron contained in the chicken are quite beneficial to one’s body. Chicken also contains vitamins B6, B12 and D thus you gain a bunch of health benefits from a single meal.
  • The proteins found in chicken go a long way in ensuring you gain that desired figure. This is because it provides proteins in high levels hence with some work out you get that desired shape.
  • Chicken ensures you have strong bones as it has a high protein content. This ensures that you have strong limbs and teeth as you age thus you get to stay strong longer.
  • The selenium present in chicken increases metabolism thus faster metabolism. This leads to the production of enough thyroid hormones thus you get to stay immune against many infections.
  • Since it is rich in niacin, chicken ensures you get vitamin B which ensures you do not get easily affected by cancer. Vitamin B also plays a major role in ensuring you are immune against other genetic complications.
  • Chicken meat is packed with loads of calcium and minerals thus you get several health benefits from each serving of chicken meat.
  • Due to its high protein value, chicken inhibits weight loss thus you get the desired figure.
  • Taking warm chicken soup helps in combating common cold thus you don’t sneeze all day long.

If you wish to gain this benefits, grabbing a chicken salad or even a cup of chicken soup.


Now you know how to quickly thaw chicken. Chicken being a high protein rich food, is quite great for your body. However, thawing it can be quite some trouble. If you were having trouble thawing your meat, following the procedures provided above will be of great help. Also, you will be able to avoid unhealthy practices thus you get bacteria free meat that is great for the tasting. If you have chicken meat that is sitting in your freezer and you are wondering how to cook it, try these above methods and have an enjoyable meal.