How To Cook Sausage in Oven!

By | January 2, 2018

Whether grilled, boiled, pan-fried or even steamed, sausages are quite mouthwatering.  This is evidenced by its high sales in hotels and even in mobile stands. Whether you need them for breakfast, lunch dinner or even a fast snack, sausages always rise for the occasion. Coming in several types, sausages may differ in styles and even shapes. One common factor about sausages, however, is the fact that they can be quite messy to prepare. Also, this can prove to be quite a hard task.

However, you can prepare these mouthwatering delicacies with an even lesser mess. How? One may ask. Well, it’s as easy as using your oven. What many people consider being the function of an oven is warming up already cooked meals. Well, you are wrong if you think that. Ovens are great when it comes to preparation of sausages as they ensure they do not mess. Also, with an oven, you are sure to cook your sausage until it’s fully cooked. A sausage that is not well cooked can be quite disorienting.

If you consider other methods of preparing sausages better than oven cooking, you are wrong. Ovens have various advantages over other methods thus you easily better your cooking skills thus you become a pro. Some of the advantages are listed below thus showing you why you should try oven cooking.

Advantages of oven cooking sausages

  • Prevents overcooking of sausages- One disorienting factor in sausages is overcooking. Overcooked sausages do not only taste poorly but also contain a not-so-pleasing aroma. While using an oven, you are sure to cook your sausage to the required level thus great taste and aroma.
  • Ensures a clean working place- What everyone expects from cooking sausages, is a messed up kitchen. Well, with ovens, your sausages get to do minimal messes thus you have a clean presentable kitchen.
  • Ensures you do not undercook your sausages- Undercooked meat has its downs. Not only does it risk one from getting infections but also it’s bad to taste. While using grills, it is easy to mess up here and there thus you may end up getting sausages that are not cooked well. On the other hand, using an oven ensures your sausage is well cooked thus you get to enjoy great taste and perfect health.
  • Makes work simpler- One tedious activity you have to do while grilling sausages is turning them frequently. If you do it wrong, you might end up overcooking parts of the sausage and undercooking others. The case is different with an oven. This is because an oven heats each part of your sausage equally thus it gets to cook well in all parts.
  • Allows you prepare many sausages at a go- While using a grill, the number of sausages you prepare depends solely on your prowess at cooking sausages. If you were not born in a sausage-cooking family, it is a hectic task making many sausages at once. This is because you may end up messing some up or even overcooking others. An oven allows you to cook several sausages at a go thus an easy time preparing them for your family.

How to Cook Sausage in Oven

Procedure on How to Cook Sausage in Oven

Having learned the benefits of cooking your sausages in an oven, a question you must be asking yourself is how to do it. Here you will find different methods to prepare different sausages using your oven. This will ensure your oven helps you to become a great sausage cook thus keeping your family happy. Among the sausages you must try cooking is;

  1. Kielbasa- This amazing sausage finds its origin from Poland. This horseshoe shaped sausage is often smoked and works well on a bun with mustard. This sausage is great in taste thus will leave you craving for more. Based on pork, this product is best on those who love pork sausages.
  2. British bangers- this sausage finds its origin in the British Isles.  Consisting of a variety of flavors which include pork, lamb and beef this sausage is just what you need. It can be served with potatoes, peas or even onion gravy.
  3. Andouille- this is a sausage that originates from France. This smoked sausage may be just the best for household purposes.
  4. Bratwurst- this product is made with pork or beef. It originates from contains finely chopped meat thus an easy cooking time. Can be great to go with buns or even bread slices.
  5. Italian sausage- seasoned with fennel and anise, this product is mostly made of pork thus a great choice for pork lovers.
  6. Chorizo- this smoked sausage, may be eaten without cooking. It is made of fine intestine fillings thus you are sure it will get to be fully cooked.

Although there are several different types of sausage, the procedure of cooking them is the same. As long as you know the ingredients needed to cook your sausage, the procedure is similar. However, the procedure on how to cook sausage in oven can prove to be hard to find. By following the steps below, you easily cook amazing sausages that will leave your audience licking their fingers.

Step 1

Remove your sausages from the fridge fifteen minutes before cooking thus removing the chill from the meat. Cut the links on your sausage so you can be able to place them well in your pan.

Step 2

Line your frying pan with a piece of foil. This is to ensure that the oven is clean after use and no sausages stick on the frying pan

Step 3

Heat your oven to 4000 Celsius before putting your sausages in the oven. This helps your sausages in drowning and also cooking faster thus saving you time and energy.

Step 4

Place a wire rack on the pan so as to cut down on grease. Ensure you fit your rack perfectly so it does not slide as you handle your pan.

Place your sausages on a roasting pan and pour some oil on the sausages. This ensures your sausages brown and also they don’t get to stick to your frying pan.

Step 5

Let your sausages cook for up to fifteen minutes. However, if your sausages are thick, you would extend the cooking time and ensure you turn them at least once. This will go a long way in ensuring your sausage is fully cooked thus no raw parts within your sausage.

While at it, ensure you keep the oven temperatures below 720 Celsius thus you don’t overcook your sausages. However, for pork-based sausages keep the temperature at 650 Celsius thus they cook just as required. Buying quality meat ensures your product meets the standards you have set for yourself.

Step 6

Cut a tiny piece of your sausage so as to ensure it is fully cooked. If you find some traces of pink, put your sausages back in the oven for ten more minutes. Cut into one more sausage and if you find it uncooked well also, put all your sausages back in the fridge for ten more minutes.

If you want to ensure your meat is safe to consume, you may use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. If your sausage is safe to consume, it will indicate temperatures of 710c or even higher. If your thermometer gets a reading lower than this, put it back in the oven for five minutes to ensure it is fully cooked.

Step 7

Remove your sausages from the oven, serve them, sit back and enjoy the work of your hands.

Simple isn’t it. However, the sausages may leave some marks on your grills due to juices that may come out of sausages. What is harder, wiping some grill meshes or washing your whole kitchen? Guessing you will opt to clean a few meshes. This ensures you have an amazing kitchen and a happy audience. Be it for your family or even business, you should try cooking your sausages with an oven.

If you aim at storing your cooked sausages, simply store them in your refrigerator till you need to use them. Warm those a bit after removing from the fridge thus you is good to go.

How to Quickly Cook Sausage in Oven

Additional ingredients

If you aim at making your sausages even tastier, the following steps will be of great help.

First, you will need; a frying pan, three spoonsful of oil, a sliced onion, garlic, pepper, tomato sauce and some parsley.

  1. Slice up onions, peppers and garlic in two spoonsful of olive oil as the sausage roasts. Steam some vegetables for at least five minutes until they are tenderized.
  2. Place these vegetables in the dish you will serve your sausages in and place the sausages on top of the vegetables.
  3. Serve the sausages with other servings to ensure a great breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

While at it, ensure you use a cast iron object to turn your sausages. This is because cast iron is ovenproof thus no chance of you hurting yourself while preparing this great dish. You may also opt to throw the onions and garlic in the oven as the sausages roast thus an even greater taste. Placing some bread on the sausages will absorb cooking juices thus your meal is ready to be served.

Ensure you cook your sausages fully thus no chance of transmitting brucellosis or even trichinosis. For pork, cook until no pink meat remains thus you are sure it’s well-cooked. For beef, ensure no traces of red meat thus you are sure to have great health after eating your sausages. Other meat that may be great for sausages is chicken and turkey.

Some sausages are advised to be cooled before eating. It is good to check the label thus you avoid stomach complications brought about by eating hot sausages.

Tips to Cook Great Sausages

If you want to learn that how to Cook Sausage in Oven here are some tips. Before cooking the sausages, it is important to cut the links thus ensuring sausages are produced as individuals and not as they are linked. As much as many may tell you to pierce your sausage, just don’t. This is because you let all the moisture and flavor escape from the sausage thus leaving you with a tasteless sausage.

To avoid bursting of sausage skin, keep the temperature low thus ensuring what is in the sausage stays there. Also, ensure your temperature is high enough to cook your sausage thus you don’t get sausages that are undercooked. Turning the sausages once in a while may prove to be a major advantage. This is because it ensures your sausages do not overcook on one side.

Overturning also prevents sausages from sticking to the pan thus easy time serving the sausages. Overturning also ensures your sausages cook evenly thus you don’t get parts of the sausages that are raw. Always ensure that your sausage is cooked to the center thus ensuring all parts are well cooked.  Spread your sausages on the rack thus ensuring that sausages don’t get attached to each other as they cook.

When using your oven, you should consider the size of your oven, the size of your sausage and also the content of your sausage. If your sausage is fitted with small fittings, avoid cooking it for long periods of time as it cooks faster. Also, do not put too many sausages in the oven at once as they may stick on each other.


As much as sausages are a great delicacy, they are known to be quite messy to prepare on grills. Thanks to the oven, you can now prepare your sausages without spilling juices all over. This ensures that you have a cleaner kitchen thus comfort around your kitchen. With an oven, you don’t need to be an expert so as to prepare sausages as it needs little preparation knowledge.

If you are still using the grill to make your sausages, it’s high time you tried the oven. This ensures you cook your sausages well regardless of the number of sausages you aim at making. Why wait? Try cooking your sausages using your oven today.