How to Bake Boneless Chicken Thighs!

By | January 1, 2018

Do you want to know that how to bake boneless chicken thighs? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. One of the favorite dishes you can prepare for your family and children is chicken. This is because this meal is filled with nutrients and has quite a great taste. While at it, we tend to prepare the parts of the chicken that are filled with meat. One of this parts is the thigh. The chicken thigh is packaged with plenty meat thus you get to enjoy sweetness in loads.

The thigh contains quite soft meat thus you don’t have to struggle while cooking your meat. You can cook your chicken thighs in many ways. This include; baking, boiling and even frying. However, baking is the best on the list. This is because it brings out the best taste of your meat thus you fully enjoy your delicacy.

Many people, however, prefer to bake their chicken thighs without the bone. This is because boneless chicken thighs take a shorter time to cook compared to chicken meat with bones. However, without knowing the right procedure to use in preparation baked chicken thighs, it can be quite hectic. In this article, you will find a step by step guide thus baking your chicken will be quite easy. Even better, your cooking will turn into a chef-like level thus making finger licking sweet meals.

This article will cover the needs of both chicken thighs with skin and skinned chicken thighs. Also, you will learn several different ways to bake this kind of thighs thus you’re great with all ways.

How to Bake Boneless Chicken Thighs!

How to bake boneless chicken thighs in an oven

Well, baking your chicken thighs in an oven is one of the greatest ways. This is because it is way far less messy and requires less human interference. To do this you will need; chicken thighs, some vinegar and obviously an oven. Other ingredients include;

    Black pepper

    Olive oil


    A bowl

    A whisk

    A baking dish

    Aluminum foil


    Some flour


1.    Heat your oven and heat to 1900c. Also, ensure that your oven is clean and free of any dishes. This is to ensure that your chicken thighs are not contaminated while cooking.

2.    Place your chicken thighs under a plastic paper and easily pound them using a small mallet. This ensures that your meat is tender enough thus an easy time cooking. Ensure that you do not overdo it as it may become excessively soft.

3.    Put your chicken in a bowl containing some flour and tighten it fast. Shake the bowl to coat your meat fully and take the chicken thighs from the flour. Shake the chicken thighs to rid it of excess flour.

4.    Place your chicken in your baking dish and add some little olive oil in the mix. This will ensure that your chicken thighs do not stick on your container and also help in browning.

5.    In a separate dish, mix your spices and pour the liquid evenly on your chicken thighs. If you wish to add some lemons and herbs to even sweeten your chicken more.

6.    Wrap your bowl with an aluminum foil. Ensure that the foil fully covers your dish. While at it ensure you do not put very high temperatures as they may lead to drying of your meat. Cook your meat for up to twenty minutes and taste.

To check if your meat is cooked well, use a meat thermometer to check the heat of the meat. If you don’t have a meat thermometer, cut the meat to check whether it’s fully cooked. If not, return it to the oven for fifteen more minutes thus getting well-cooked meat.


If you are looking to bake your chicken within a short period of time, then oven baking is just for you. oven baking gives you tender chicken thighs that are great to taste.

Frying Boneless Chicken thighs

If you don’t have an oven, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy well-baked chicken thighs. You can use your pan to bake your chicken and get a taste that leaves you nothing short of pleased. This is a great method when you intend to bake few pounds of chicken. However, if you don’t do it right, the chicken thighs can be quite disorienting. In this part, you will get a procedure to follow in frying your chicken thus getting quite an amazing taste.


To fry your chicken, you will need;

    Some chicken thighs (the amount you wish to cook)

    A spoonful of salt

    ½ spoonful of pepper

    A tenderizing hammer

    A pan


1.    Take your meat out of your fridge and ensure you fully thaw it. You can do this easily under running water.

2.    Preheat your pan so as to easily cook your meat. While at it, ensure you clean your pan so as to avoid food contamination. Put some oil on the pan so as to avoid your chicken from sticking to the pan.

3.    Place a thin layer of plastic bag on the meat and gently pound it with a hammer. This will ensure that your meat is tender and reduce the cooking time. Ensure you don’t overdo it otherwise you risk spoiling your meat. Ensure that your chicken thighs are of the same size thus they cook evenly and are easily chewable.

4.    Season your meat so as to acquire the taste you desire. You can use some salt and pepper to do this. If interested, you can add some lemon juice or some garlic powder to add flavor to your meat.

5.    Pour some flour into a bowl and dip your chicken thighs in the flour. Shake off excess powder off the chicken thighs so as to ensure no excess flour is on the meat. The flour brings a crispy skin thus you get a yummy browned chicken thigh.

6.    Place your chicken thighs on the pan leaving some space between the chicken thighs. After your chicken has cooked for ten minutes, turn the meat to ensure it cooks evenly on each side.

7.   Simmering your meat after this ensures its fully cooked thus its sweet to taste and quite soft. After this, cut a piece of your chicken thighs to check if its cooked well. If you see some pink traces, give your chicken thighs some more minutes on the stove to cook well.


This method is great for small sizes of chicken. Also, it gives you an easier time checking how well your chicken thighs are cooked thus fully cooked meat. Ensure you do not overdo your spices as it may lead to poor taste of chicken. With the above procedure, you’re cooking skills will be nothing short of amazing thus you turn into a pro. 

How to Quickly Bake Boneless Chicken Thighs!

Baking chicken over the grill

If you have a grill sitting outside on the lawn, you can put it to use and prepare masterpiece meals. When cooking some chicken thighs on your grill you not only get a great taste but also an attractive aroma. To do this you will need;

    A grill

    Some pounds of chicken thighs

    A tenderizing hammer



    Some oil


1.    Take your chicken off your fridge and thaw it well. You can do this over the grill or under running water. Ensure your chicken thaws well else it will lose the taste when cooking.

2.    Gently pound your chicken thighs to ensure that they are fully tenderized. This ensures that you cook your chicken within a small duration of time and is soft to the taste. Tenderizing your meat ensures that it cooks evenly thus you get no traces of uncooked meat. Uncooked meat may lead to several diseases, some which we will discuss below.

3.    Add some salt and pepper to your meat. This to ensure it is fully tenderized thus you get to enjoy soft meat hence no struggle chewing. While at it, feel free to add lemon juice or even garlic powder thus enhancing the aroma and taste of your chicken thighs.

4.    Clean your grill so as to ensure no traces of foods are found on the grill. Even if you think it’s clean, wipe your grill to rid it of any contaminants that may lead to food poisoning. Using some little soapy water goes a long way in ensuring that your grill is well cleaned. However, rinse your grill fully thus you don’t get to feast on soapy meat.

5.    Pour some oil on your grill so as to ensure that your chicken thighs do not stick to the grill while you cook it.

6.    Turn your grill on and let it heat to 1900 Celsius. This is the perfect temperature to cook your meat without making it dry. You may spray some little water while baking your chicken thighs thus avoiding it from drying.

7.    Cook for twenty-five minutes and remove from the grill.

Further instructions

While at it, ensure you wear cooking gloves so as to avoid causing harm to yourself. Also, take the temperature of your meat after cooking thus being sure its well-cooked. You can do this using a meat thermometer thus being sure it’s cooked. Your meat should give a reading of 750 Celsius when it is fully cooked. If your meat is not well-cooked, you can return it to the grill for more ten minutes to cook well.

While at it, avoid over spicing your meat as it might become quite disastrous. Also, use tongs to turn your meat to avoid burning yourself. Always ensure that you are properly dressed when preparing your chicken thighs thus avoiding getting burns on your body. After fully cooking your chicken thighs, give them time to cool off and serve with any dish of your choosing.

Dangers of uncooked meat

While preparing your chicken thighs, you should ensure that your thighs are well cooked. This is to avoid exposing yourself to numerous health hazards. Among the hazards include,

    Salmonella poisoning- one of the major risks of uncooked chicken is salmonella infections. This bacterial caused illness may lead to diarrhea, vomiting and even stomach cramps.

    Campylobacters- this is a stomach that can be associated with cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea and even sometimes fevers. Most chickens contain this bacterium thus if you undercook your meat you are at a high risk of contracting the disease.

To avoid exposing yourself from getting these diseases, you should cook your meat properly thus killing bacteria. Ensuring that your meat is at the given temperature ensures you enjoy your meal with no health risks.

How to tell if your meat is bad

So as to avoid from eating spoilt meat, it is wise to know what to check in your meat so as to ensure it is fully cooked. The following are what you should check to ensure your meat is good for consumption.

1.    Color- while buying your chicken thighs, you should check to ensure they have a pink color. This shows that your meat is fresh and great for consumption. Once the meat turns grey, it shows that it is already gone bad thus you should defect from cooking it. Also, when cooking spoilt chicken, it continues to look dull instead of white.

2.    Smell- Well, if you are not great at checking colors, the smell can tell you a lot. If you feel a sour smell of ammonia, avoid eating this meat. Also, if you begin cooking your meat and detect this smell, discard the meat as it may expose you to several health hazards.

3.    Texture- Fresh chicken meat is quite smooth to the touch (not slimy). If you feel your meat slimy, there is a high possibility that its already gone bad. If you rinse your meat and it still remains sticky, then you should discard it as you are sure it’s bad.

Cooking raw meat may lead to a bad smell in your house and also cause stomach complications. Even worse, spoilt chicken meat may lead to spoilage of your other meals thus causing you to get a large loss.


If you are looking to learn that how to bake boneless chicken thighs, trying the above methods will be of great help. This will ensure you prepare a delicious meal that is safe for your body thus you cannot get sick after the meal.