How Long Does It Take To Boil Potatoes?

By | June 2, 2017

It might, at the first glance, seem disturbing that who doesn’t know how to boil potatoes. And what is the need to write an entire article on how to boil potatoes. Yeah, it seems unnecessary, however unknowingly, most of us would rather take the sarcastic approach than focusing on the importance of the appropriate cooking of the potatoes. Here therefore we will continue the journey to explore the nutritional values of this amazing vegetable- Potato!

Potato is one of those vegetables, or should I say the only vegetable which is liked in fact loved by almost everyone. Either kids or adults even aged people who are in their 80s everyone simply loves to have potatoes in their meal.  Potato holds the maximum in terms of likeness by everyone across the world. There are millions of different ways to make use of this delicious and healthy vegetable. This vegetable is very beneficial to health and tastes amazing if cooked properly.

So talking about the extraordinary benefits of this vegetable, let us start with nutritional values. Yes this is very right to say that potato is the most consumed vegetable in the world. It surely comes with the bountiful of advantages. This full of energy vegetable is an excellent source of carbohydrates. We all know how much this nutrient matters in the growth of human body.

This vegetable is a burst of starch, and tuberous crop that is from the perennial nightshade Solanum tuberosum. And you would definitely did not know that the word “potato” itself refers to the plant or known as edible tuber.

Known as the world’s fourth largest crop, potato is loved and consumed by the world in large amount, following the other largest produced crops which are rice, wheat and maize. It is the basic part of many food recipes in different parts of the world. We must be very grateful to the Spanish who introduced this starchy root vegetable to Europe in the 16th century. Since then, potatoes are an important ingredient in many of the food recipes.

Every region in the world has its own recipes to make the best out of this amazing vegetable. In order to get the best, we must be familiar with the right ways to cook it and eat it. For the most basic form of consumption of this vegetable around the world is to have it after boiling it. We will now discuss the right ways to boil potatoes and how long does it take to boil potatoes. After going through this, you would really be sorted out with all your cooking worries related to potatoes.

Raw potatoes encompass 79% of water, 17% of carbohydrates in this 88% is the starch content.  Potatoes contain 2% protein. It is an enriching source of vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. 77 calories are present in 100 gram amount of potatoes. While baking potatoes, little significant change in the content of Vitamin B6 and C is marked. 

The nutritional values of a potato according to 100 g contains

  • Energy: 322kJ (77 kcal)
  • Proteins: 2g

Carbohydrates: 17.47g

  • Starch: 15.3g
  • Sugars: 0.8g
  • Dietary fiber: 2.1g
  • Fat: 0.1g


  • Thiamine 0.08g (7%)
  • Riboflavin 0.03g (3%)
  • Niacin: 1.05g (7%)
  • Pantothenic acid: 0.296 mg (6%)
  • Vitamin B6: 0.295mg (23%)
  • Folate B9: 16µg (4%)
  • Vitamin C: 19.7mg (24%)
  • Vitamin K: 1.9µg (2%)
  • Vitamin E: 0.01 mg (0%)


  • Calcium: 12 mg (1%)
  • Iron: 0.78mg (6%)
  • Magnesium: 23mg (6%)
  • Phosphorus: 57mg (8%)
  • Manganese: 0.153 mg (7%)
  • Potassium: 421mg (9%)
  • Sodium: 6mg (0%)
  • Zinc: 0.29mg (3%)

Other constituents

  • Water: 79g      

So now first of all you need to know that this root vegetable comes in different varieties. From old to new and raw to genetically processed or modified. These come in different sizes and shapes, from finger shaped named as Anya to the larger in size and round kinds of potatoes known as King Edward. Not to forget the best ones for salads, they type of potatoes such as Charlotte are known to be the most delicious kind for salads, however the type of potatoes Maris Piper is known to be the best and irreplaceable for mash and baking purposes.  Similarly potatoes have different color variety as well. Most of the world produced potatoes are light brown colored skin that contains light yellow or cream colored flesh. While in some areas of the world, purple colored skin of potatoes is also found.

Just like the other great qualities of this root, we must not forget that this vegetable is available to us all year, excluding the early season new potatoes known as Jersey Royals which are available from early start of April to almost July. 

In order to boil the potatoes, first of all look for the type of potatoes which are exceptional for boiling and mashing purposes. You must know that potatoes have two broader and significant categories which are waxy and starchy.

The starchy ones have high content of starch and are low in moisture hence these are obviously the finest potatoes for boiling. This kind of potatoes is usually fluffy which makes them matchless for baking and frying. The only drawback of this kind is they do not hold their shape for long and hence not suitable for many dishes like gratins and potato salads in which the shape of the potato is important feature. This type includes the classic form of potatoes like Russet and Idaho.

Whereas the waxy ones are considered as the new potatoes which contain low amount of starch and are just great for holding their shape in making recipes. This kind includes the red bliss and new potatoes. For roasting and cooking, this waxy type of potatoes is amazing. Great recipes like casseroles and roasted wedges of potatoes, yum!

And here the star among the types, the All-purpose type of potatoes is just delicious anyway. You can either bake, boil or roast, this type of potatoes are fine for every cooking purpose. This kind is falling in between the starch and waxy types with the medium content of starch. So as the name suggests, this kind is really multi-purpose in terms of cooking.

You can be as creative as much you want to be in making recipes with this amazing vegetable. After getting to know information boosting categories, you can now definitely look for the suitable type of potato in a supermarket according to your requirements. You know waxy is suitable for making gratins and for boiling the starchy ones to pick. Although if all purpose kind of potatoes are available, why not choose them and save time?!

Finally, after picking the starchy kind of potatoes you can have it for boiling purposes. Since this kind of potato is high in starch so it is going to serve the best for boiling and mashing. Despite of following the traditional use of boiled potatoes like tossing them in salad or mashing them, you can make it a side dish as well.

Boiling potatoes is not a difficult task if you think there is some rocket science involved in it, then let me burst your bubble- boiling potatoes is just simple as 1 2 3, really!

Let’s get to the step by step procedure of how to boil potatoes and how long does it take to boil them:

  • Put three glass of water in a pot and put the lid on.
  • Put 4 potatoes the starchy ones whole with skin on in the pot.
  • Add pinch of salt in water.
  • Boil for 15-20 minutes (depending on the size of potatoes)
  • Use fork to check if the potatoes are boiled or need more time
  • After boiling, peel off the skin of potatoes.       
  • Ta da! Boiled potatoes are ready to be served!                    

This handy method is going to be very useful for you in kitchen while preparing food. It is the most asked question related to boiling potatoes that either boil it whole or cut in cubes? So it is very simple, boil it anyway you want, both whole and cubes works perfectly. However this must be kept in mind that while boiling whole potatoes make sure same size of potatoes are in the pot. This is because the bigger ones might take more time in boiling as those which are smaller in size will be boiled earlier. So in order to boil accurately it is suggested to use the same size of whole potatoes. While roughly cubed potatoes are great anyway.

You can either boil potatoes with the skins on or off, both ways are fine. It is recommended by many chefs to boil them with their skins on. This method is useful and will leave the mushy texture to the potatoes. And it is way easier to peel skins off after boiling.

We will now learn some delish recipes in which boiled potatoes are used. Although boiled potatoes with some butter and seasoning of salt& pepper could be an amazing side dish along the main course. In many appetizers and starters, boiled potatoes are used. In fact some potato chips are produced in different restaurants after boiling them.

As potatoes are originated from America, many people prefer fries and chips of potatoes along burgers and wraps. Similarly mashed potatoes are great with steaks and grilled meat. The healthy and tasty dishes of boiled potatoes would encompass the vegetable tarts, potato salad and mashed potatoes with butter. One by one the recipes of each boiled potato dish are given below:

Let us kick off with the mouth watering potato salad. As it is quite evident from the name itself, potatoes are required. Boiled potatoes serve as the main ingredient of this salad. For the hot days of summer season, this salad is exactly what you need to have. Its light and full of nourish. To make this salad, first of all boil potatoes. As described earlier you can boil it whole or cut in cubes. For salad, it is recommended to boil in cubes with skin off, so the shape of cube will be nice in salad and visually appealing.  After boiling, add seasoning and potatoes in one bowl. Dressing depends on how you would like to have it. Some people prefer honey with salt and pepper while some like it with cream cheese.

Another scrumptious recipe made by using boiled potatoes is the most famous mashed potatoes with butter. For this recipe, obviously you require potatoes and again you need them boiled first. Repeat the boiling procedure as explained earlier. For mashed potatoes, starchy potatoes are excellent. These are fluffy and give mushy texture to the boiled potatoes. After boiling potatoes for 15-20 minutes, drain the potatoes with cold water. Now mash them using a fork and mashing spatula. After mashing add melted butter. And mix butter with mashed potatoes. After mixing add salt and pepper. Some herbs like oregano are optional. Mix it well. And the end result is heavenly, mashed potatoes with butter is ready to be served. Serve it them grilled beef or steak and enjoy this delicious combination of butter and potatoes.           

You can be so much creative in innovating your own dish and making use of mashed potatoes. You can try out the yummy flavors of potato in another delicious yet unique recipe made from boiled potatoes cheesy potatoes. For this recipe, you need the whole potatoes boiled. After boiling the potatoes, scoop out the half. And filling of cottage cheese with some spices and herbs are put in the potatoes. This recipe is ideal for starters at parties and at dinner. Its healthy and less time taking!

So in short, boiled potatoes are a blessing, really! Making lives easier and cooking an ultimate fun experience. It takes 15-20 minutes to boil potatoes and after boiling you can make wonderful dishes. Everyone loves to have potatoes either in the form of French fries or gratin, the flavors and fluffy texture of potatoes actually rock our taste buds, so why not make the best out of this amazing root vegetable?!

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