How to Bake Turkey Bacon!

How to bake turkey bacon? Is this something you have been thinking about? A body in fine fettle is the most treasurable asset one can have. As the old maxim goes, “Healthy living is a life verdict; you will never be liberated or exonerated.”  If excellence is in one’s agenda, be it politically, financially, socially… Read More »

How to Reheat Chicken Wings!

Well, be it your birthday, a national holiday, Christmas or any other normal day, chicken is the best meal you can get. This is because it not only tastes great but also has numerous nutrition benefits. Due to this, you will find it on many menus and at a fairly high price. To enjoy this… Read More »

How to Quickly Thaw Chicken!

Well, who doesn’t love chicken? Being a rich source of white meat, chicken is also a finger-licking meal. What’s great about chicken is that it can go easily with any meal. Due to this reasons we usually stock this great delicacy in our fridge. However, thawing your meat so that you can have an easy… Read More »

How To Cook Sausage in Oven!

Whether grilled, boiled, pan-fried or even steamed, sausages are quite mouthwatering.  This is evidenced by its high sales in hotels and even in mobile stands. Whether you need them for breakfast, lunch dinner or even a fast snack, sausages always rise for the occasion. Coming in several types, sausages may differ in styles and even… Read More »

How To Cook Swordfish Steaks!

Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) are also known as broadbills are best characterized by a long flat bill. They can grow to several feet and weigh up to hundreds of pounds. They are highly migratory and predatory fish. Swordfish lose all their teeth and scales before they reach adulthood which enables them to swim smoothly. They are… Read More »

How to Heat Corn Tortillas – Some Amazing Corn Tortilla Recipes

You might be liking the flour tortillas that have been around for centuries, however, you will love the tortillas made from corn or maize that are historically smaller than the flour ones. The reason that many people swear by corn tortillas is that it is suppler and more nutritious than the flor ones, and yep,… Read More »

How to Bake Boneless Chicken Thighs!

Do you want to know that how to bake boneless chicken thighs? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. One of the favorite dishes you can prepare for your family and children is chicken. This is because this meal is filled with nutrients and has quite a great taste.… Read More »

How to Boil Chicken Thighs!

Meat is sweet closer to the bone. The closest you will get meat to the bone in a chicken is the thigh. Chicken thighs are packed with meat which makes them great for soup. Also, chicken thighs make great roasted and fried meat. However, since the thigh is packed with meat, it can be quite… Read More »

How to Chop Bok Choy!

Vegetables are quite a major part of every meal. This is because they are rich in nutrients thus ensure your meal is balanced. However, with many vegetables present in the market it can prove to be a hard task finding the best. If what you are looking for is the best vegetable, then you should… Read More »

How to Cook Italian Sausage in Oven

Christmas and New Year festivities are here, a time when everyone would want to treat their family members and friends to the most memorable meals. Sausages are an essential food in the kitchen for those who love a quick but mouth-watering fix. When appropriately prepared, Italian sausages can be a sure hit, the meal will… Read More »